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About Life Lessonz
life lessonzLife Lessonz is a cultural exchange organization established in 2001 that facilitates internship and other service learning programs in India with the purpose of promoting enhanced skills and cross-cultural understanding for students and young professionals.

Established in various urban and rural locations across India and supported by a team of over 100 personnel, Life Lessonz develops and promotes internships, volunteering/service learning, cultural immersion, and other international exchange programs to over 1000 students from 22 countires every year.

While academics form the foundation of professional knowledge, Life Lessonz recognizes that practical and hands-on experiences, especially experiences in cross-cultural settings, translate into vital learning opportunities and improved professional prospects.

Increasingly, we all live in a world that is more interconnected – culturally, economically, academically, and technologically. As a result, working in an economically developing and multicultural society such as India, challenges conventional thinking and provides interns with a wider and more integrated skill-set. Immersed in a foreign setting is the best way to develop cultural competency and sensitivity. These learning experiences guide interns to become more confident leaders, more cooperative team players, and generally more tolerant and understanding persons. Regardless of one’s career, the impacts of these cross-cultural professional experiences are meaningful and long-lasting.

Life Lessonz connects international interns with Indian organizations based in both urban and rural settings, in the fields of Business, Arts & Humanities, and Social Services (Social Work, Health, and Education). To learn more about the specific internship placements available, please visit our Internship Placements section.

In order to ensure comfort, security, and academic and professional support, the Life Lessonz internship experience is enhanced by the availability of in-country support facilities. All internship programs include extensive in-country orientation, 24-hour emergency support, high-quality accommodation, nutritious meals, and academic support and supervision (if required or requested).

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