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Architecture Internships India

Doing an internship in a foreign land can be overwhelming, and yet exciting at the same time. Each country greets you with its own culture that is ostensible not only in their cuisine, attire and customs, but also in the nature of homes that they reside in. Geographic locations and climate are other influencing factors amongst many in defining the structure of people’s homes. Considering all these dynamics, architecture internships India can promise you a captivating experience at each level.

As aspiring architects, applying what you have learnt in the classroom or from case studies, in diverse situations is the perk offered by Life Lessonz, by taking up architecture internships India. Doubts about language barriers, logistics and lodging are common concerns amongst many. Keeping this in mind, Life Lessonz’ model for internship programmes addresses these problems, thus making it simple for interns to adjust.

Doing architecture internships India give interns hands on experience in the architectural domain. Being forced to make that extra effort to study the living style of foreigners and their habitat, assures one of taking home only one of its kind experiences. An internship in your own country, though gainful, restricts one from expanding their horizons. While on site in a foreign country, interns could be exposed to “tactics” that are not common in other countries, thus contributing invaluably to ones skill. Practical knowledge, as they say, supersedes theoretical knowledge.

‘Life Lessonz’ realises these opportunities and hopes to contribute to architecture with more able architects. They offer an encouraging platform of opportunities through architecture internships India.

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