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Environmental Internships India

The environment is in danger. Global warming is inching towards a dangerous level. Al Gore has been screaming himself hoarse to save our planet. But how many of us are actually paying heed? We all hope to leave behind a better planet for the future generations, but what are we doing to ensure this? Are we so occupied with life that it has turned us callous towards our ailing Mother Earth?

‘Life Lessonz’ realises the sensitivity of this issue. It provides internships to students on an international level. One of these internship programmes focuses on Environmental Internships India. Each country contributes to deteriorating the environment and unbalancing the ecology in its own way – knowingly or unknowingly. On the other hand, it also does its bit to rectify the done damage in more than a few ways.

Through Environmental Internships India, students learn a lot about the environment. They are updated on the actions one can take to prevent the planet from further deterioration. Through ‘Life Lessonz’, interns are given placements with organizations or NGOs who employ methodologies to slow down the process of Global Warming.

Learning through Environmental Internships India, you also allow others to learn what you have knowledge of. In some cases, interns are even given a chance to educate groups of people who are ignorant of the repercussions of their actions that lead to pollution, deforestation, etc. They can be taught preventive measure for the same as well.

‘Life Lessonz’ introduces you to enjoy a break from ‘taking from Earth’ by giving something back to it. Participating in the promotion of recycled goods, cleaning the environment, educating the ignorant, are only a few from the expansive list of praise worthy experiences one can achieve through Environmental Internships India.

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