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Gap Year Internships

Taking a break from education to hone your skills through practical knowledge is idealistic. So is the idea of giving a shot at pursuing an alternate career to explore your options. Gap Year Internships are answers to these dreams. ‘Life Lessonz’ holds a box of such answers. With its vast database of organizations, small businesses and even NGOs, you are bound to secure a placement in a field you aspire to succeed in.

A few weeks to a month of training as an intern is no doubt an excellent learning opportunity. However, Gap Year Internships that stretch from six to twelve months undoubtedly have more value attached to them. For starters, the internship is for a longer duration of time. You can commit to short term projects and learn the ropes better. You may even be shouldered with more responsibilities.

Due to the international platform ‘Life Lessonz’ works on, the deal of Gap Year Internships gets even more sweet. As an intern in a foreign terrain, you are forced to deal with the obvious cultural differences. A few weeks in the country will only train you so much on improving your tolerance and being more understanding; that too on a relatively superficial level. The more time you spend around an alien culture, the more you absorb. Your interaction with colleagues from different backgrounds, thinking and habits deepens.

‘Life Lessonz’ has included Gap Year Internships in its model for these exact reasons. They believe that only once you go into the depths will you have a better understanding of things. Apart from grasping more from your job, you are also learning to be more open to new ideas. With a wider horizon, you are automatically more productive as an employee or a leader.

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