Internship placements in India
for international students
and young professionals
Internship Placements
internship placementInternships in the fields of business, arts and humanities, and social work, health, and education are made possible through the Life Lessonz network that expands across the three metropolitan areas of Bangalore, New Delhi and Jaipur. Social service internships in social work, heath, and education are also available in rural areas in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Goa. A wide variety of placements are offered through the Life Lessonz network of partner organizations in India, including positions in corporations, small businesses, non-profit Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), and educational institutions in both the private and public sector.

To learn more about the services, accommodations, and support included in all internship programs and the Life Lessonz Model for internship placements, please visit Why Life Lessonz page .

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