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Internships for College Students

Internship holds a crucial place in the life of a student. It’s the stepping stone for starting a career. Generally college students don’t have work experience to show and if they have any, then chances are very sleek that it’s relevant to give them a head start. But it’s important to keep in mind that internships for college students are more about the enthusiasm and the passion that students have for their chosen field rather than any experience. Though it matters but it’s not a must requirement.
Now comes the most significant part of internships for college students. The scrupulous selection of the field in which student wish to do internship is important as that should be the field where he wish to build his career and he should asses that he has requisite qualification and qualities for that field or not. To help students understand the dynamics of internship there are several organizations. One such reliable name is Life Lessonz.
Life Lessonz is an India based organization promoting a wide variety of internship placements in India for international students and young professionals. Life Lessonz guides student to understand their potential and grab an opportunity to prove their mettle. Here students not only get academic and professional advice but also a chance to discover other facets of internships. Making students familiar with cross cultural nuances, international cooperation across cultures, organizations and businesses, Life Lessonz is about extended support if it’s about internships for college students.
Having a robust network and tie-ups in the urban as well as rural India, Life Lessonz facilitates internships in the field of business, arts and humanities, social work, health and education in the metropolitan cities of Bangalore, New Delhi and Jaipur & rural areas in the states of Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan and Goa. Offering a rich variety of options Life Lessonz makes it possible for college students to select the best suitable internship for themselves.

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