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Journalism Internships India

It is no surprise that every country has a story of its own to tell. Journalism Internships India would expose you to just that. ‘Life Lessonz’, an international platform that offers job placements to ambitious students proposes Journalism Internships India. The company places students with media houses, NGO’s and other organizations where they can gain from experience in journalism.

Journalism has its etiquettes; and these etiquettes differ from one nation to another. In the course of doing Journalism Internships India, the student is exposed to the sensitive side of unique stories that are exclusive in that particular country. Some of these stories sensitize the journalist to a tradition of the country that is accepted as being “normal”. For example, child marriages in Indian villages are a common ill-fate. While covering one such marriage, a foreigner could really bring out the unfortunate side of these happenings and stress on the negatives. ‘Life Lessonz’ realises how much of a difference this could make in invoking passion within a young journalist.

You get a chance to travel throughout the country in some cases and also learn a lot about its politics through Journalism Internships India. An international exposure to journalism is the idyllic opportunity for any budding journalist. You are more attentive and your instincts are more alert. While interacting with foreigners for your story, you learn to be more open minded and your horizons broaden.

Yes, doing Journalism Internships India is an adventure of sorts by itself. It not only hones your skills, but also gives new meaning to the word ‘journalism’ in your dictionary.

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