Internship placements in India
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Marketing Internships India

Each country has a unique market of its own. The needs and necessities of people differ from one nation to another. All these are dependent on the demography, culture and climate. ‘Life Lessonz’ sees a benefit in these differences and creates opportunities to aspiring marketing tycoons by placing them as interns internationally. The marketing internships India offered by ‘Life Lessonz is an overwhelming experience for these aspiring applicants.

While working in a foreign country, you learn a lot about its culture just by studying its market. Through marketing internships India, students are exposed to the various techniques of marketing a product to a variety of target audience. Or learn that in some cases, a particular product may not necessarily work or be of any use at all in one country as opposed to its growing demand in another country.

Students are placed in corporations and even small businesses and sometimes NGOs through ‘Life Lessonz’. Here they are employed to work on a number of projects or one particular project. By doing marketing internships India, the student gains knowledge of how to position a product to certain demography while keeping their culture in mind at the same time.

A lot can be learnt from these internships. One is exposed to the tolerance level and sensitivity of diverse cultures. The horizons are broadened in this process too. It is a dream for most students – to be exposed to a foreign market at such a nascent stage. ‘Life Lessonz’ offers affordable marketing internships India to feed these dreams.

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