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NGO Internships India

As more and more people are getting sensitized about their social responsibility, need for NGOs have shot up. Even companies are now opening up in the aspect of social work and responsibility and are doing their bit in this direction. NGO internships India, offer work experience with NGOs, nonprofit organizations, charitable institutes, etc.
NGO internships India are long term or short term depending upon the type of field of specialization of the candidate. There are NGOs and other organizations working towards community development, environment protection and conservation, animal rights and welfare, children, women and work place, health, welfare and relief, etc.
The basic quality which an intern should possess is to be reliable, flexible, and patient to be eligible for NGO internships India. Other requirements comprise; knowledge or the willingness to learn the geographical, economical, social, cultural background of the nation the intern wishes to go. For such willing candidates, Life Lessonz in India is the best place to come. It imparts all the basic knowledge and information needed to do an internship in India.
Life Lessonz’ training and orientation programme encourages larger number of students from India to come and seek internship in India. Its rural centres in parts of Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Goa and urban centres in Bangalore and Jaipur give a full idea of what India is and what kind of work and behavior is expected. Its expert team of over 100 persons imparts all the necessary information regarding India to them. Life Lessonz also arranges internship programmes that are customized and other basic facilities like accommodation, food, transportation, etc. for the interns.

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