Internship placements in India
for international students
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Paid Internships India

The trend of getting internships India is on a rise, especially the Paid Internships India. They are a good way to enter the professional world while still studying. There are number of organizations offering Paid Internships India in the fields of transportation, insurance, energy industry, accounting, investment banks, etc.
The Paid Internships India help to earn some extra money along with work experience. A student must fit the requirement for a particular job in an organization. Employers often provide students and professionals coming to them with facilities like accommodation, meals, travel support, language support along with a handsomely paid internship.
Life Lessonz also provides these facilities to the students and professionals coming to India for an internship. It has collaborated with various industries and employers in order to provide a good, customized internship programmes for the students who come to India with the idea of ‘Paid Internships in India’. Life Lessonz has its centers in rural and urban cities in India in Jaipur, Bangalore, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Goa. It happens to be the only institute offering such facilities to various students and professionals. It manages students exchange programmes in 22 countries. It is managing nearly 1000 such students every year.
Life Lessonz provides the facility of pre-arranged and customized internship placements programmers’ for the students. It is designed as per the interests and requirements. It holds an orientation programme aiming at the cultural awareness, work, safety, language, which is given by the local academic support team of the Life Lessonz.

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