Internship placements in India
for international students
and young professionals
Why India
why IndiaAn internship in India offers students and young professionals the opportunity to learn many important life lessons. Working in a culturally immersive setting in a different country is one of the best ways to broaden one’s perspectives about living and working. An internship in India can expand self-confidence, enhance cross-cultural communication and negation skills, and expose interns to an exciting and colourful culture across the world. As importantly, interns can expect to gain valuable hands-on experiences in the field most relevant to their specific academic and professional interests.

India is a unique country, full of contrasting images, opportunities and challenges. On one side, India is considered to be an emerging superpower, with one of the world’s fastest growing economies and a sought after business destination in an increasingly globalised world. Interns who wish to put their finger on the pulse of a fast pace, ambitiously developing business destination would thrive during a business internship in India.

On the other side, India is also home to a population of over 300 million people who live in poverty, left out of recent economic development. India has therefore become one of the world’s largest targets for international economic aid and social development work. Poverty, failing educational systems, a poor status of women in society, and high infant mortality rates, make India a relevant destination for understanding and taking part in economic development initiatives and valuable social service activities. Students interested in social work, education, or health will gain essential knowledge in their field as Social Work & Development Intern while making a valuable contribution to the lives of those most in need.

And finally, between the affluence of industrialised India and the struggles of poor India, lies the largest democracy in the world, one of the most independent media, some of the oldest and most vibrant cultures in the world, and the most culturally diverse population in any single country. These contrasts offer an incredible learning opportunity for those interested in an Arts & Humanities internship who wish to decipher the complexities of a country of 18 languages, multiple ethnicities, and unmatched diversity in geography and culture.

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