Internship placements in India
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Work Experience India

We live in an era where there is a room only for the best. Firms are more and more looking for out of the box CV's. Marks and qualifications are not the sole criteria. Exposure to real environment is what gives you an edge to survive in the cubical war. And there is no better way to have an edge in this battle than having a work experience India. Individuals get to work with people from all across the globe. As the Chinese aptly said “I see, I learn”, work experience India allows coming across different cultures. The office becomes a melting pot of all cultures. Perhaps there is no better way to learn than having work experience India to have an impressive career start.
Life Lessonz, an India based organization helps students to get international exposure. Life Lessonz helps students to earn their place in the world of cubicals. Getting first hand business exposure Life Lessonz provides the base from where careers can be built upon.
With its network in several parts of India, Life Lessonz helps students to select internships in the profession of their choice thus making them aware of their future course.

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